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Choosing The Right Article Spinner and Submitter

As I mention on my home page, submitting articles to article directories is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your web site or blog. You could send your one original article to hundreds of article directories but the search engines aren’t a great fan of duplicate content and you may be seen by them as a spammer and therefore may not be indexed. Article directories also value unique content so are unlikely to be thrilled if they come across an exact version of the article you have just submitted to them on a bunch of other article directories.

This is where an article spinner can be a brilliant tool which can turn your original article into hundreds of unique versions thus appeasing the little search engine robots, boosting your web rankings with different keywords on your subject and giving each article directory a uniquely worded article.

Deciding the best article spinner software isn’t an easy task. I experimented with some freebies but they just didn’t do the job.

One I came across in my Googling efforts offered a seven day trial for $7. It sounded good but there was a catch – there was a $77 a year annual fee. Who wants to cough up $77 every year? I know I didn’t. It also seemed you didn’t own the software as it appeared to be done online. There was no mention of an article submitter tool to go with it which meant to me manual and individual submissions of your spun articles to all the directories. That seemed a lot of hard work. It wasn’t the answer.

After much painstaking research, I found the article spinner and submitter package for me. It is called Magic Article Rewriter. The beauty of this product is you get to own this software for a once off cost. None of this rent a program so we own you forever stuff. It is easy to use giving full control of how you spin your articles and it offers countless synonyms to all the words in your articles. You can also add your own and train the program to your own personal writing style. Check out the demo video on the information page showing you how easy it is to spin your articles. You just need to scroll down the info page a bit until you find the video.

What’s great about this software is that it comes paired with a Magical Article Submitter program. Once you set up a profile, this amazing program subscribes you to hundreds of article directories at the click of a mouse button. It then does the activation process for you. I watched it do it for me and I was in awe of the thing. Hundreds of emails came into the inbox of the email account I set up for it. The next thing I know, one by one they go from unread to read emails as the program opens each and every one and clicks the activation link for me. It is so clever and what a timesaver! Imagine doing that manually.

Next this software allows you to put the spun text into the submitter, choose the categories to which you would like to submit your article and then with a few clicks, your individually spun articles are on their way to the appropriate directories. Again there is a demo video of this process. Just scroll down the info page.

Sounds like it would be expensive, right? Wrong! Both these fabulous tools are available for the once off bargain price of only $80. That’s right, currently you can get both of them in a package deal for $80! That's it - no extra hidden fees and it's backed by a 100% money back guarantee. Courtesy upgrades are included and the creator is throwing in a bunch of free ebooks as well.

The creator of this software is very helpful if you have any problems. I had a couple of questions and they were answered promptly. I find it fun and easy to use.

You are also given the option to buy an extra tool for the program called Magic Tokens. This software automatically applies synonyms to your whole document in one click which is supposed to save you time. Personally (and the creator will hate me for saying this - "Sorry Alexandr") I recommend you save your money as I think it is more trouble than it was worth as I found a lot of the synonyms automatically applied were not appropriate. By the time you fix all the inappropriate synonyms, the time it is supposed to save you is lost. You are welcome to try it if you must as it is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee. It's up to you.

Personally I prefer to spin the articles myself applying each and every synonym. This may take a little longer but the end result makes it worth the effort. Remember, if you are using your articles to lead people back to your web sites, your reputation is on the line so providing quality articles is mandatory if you want the article directories to take you seriously and publish what you have written. A badly spun article stands out as stilted and an uncomfortable read. It just has that "not quite right" feel about it. If you find it uncomfortable to read then you can be assured your readers will feel the same and will therefore be unlikely to visit your web site from the link you provide if they even bother to finish reading your article in the first place.

Remember to read my own article “How to Spin Articles Effectively in 8 Easy Steps.”

So what are you waiting for? Click below to check out this wonderful software.

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