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Article Spinning
How to do it Effectively in 8 Easy Steps

To spin or not to spin, that is the question...

For those not in the know, article spinning is taking an original article that you have written and turning it into a whole new article by replacing words and phrases with synonyms (appropriate words or phrases with the same meaning), changing the sentences to say the same thing in a different way and even replacing paragraphs with those same sentences repeated in a different order. Those paragraphs can also be placed in a different order, providing the content continues to flow and is easily understood.

Most articles are written for article directories for one of two reasons and sometimes both: -

  • The author has a message that he or she would like to share with the world be it educational, for their own entertainment or simply a desire to get something off their chest.
  • They want to take the reader to their web site to either improve the search engine rankings with back links or to attempt to sell them something.

Writers generally spin articles so they can submit them to more article directories maximising their creative efforts. To keep their article sounding fresh and new they spin it. This way they can give out the same message over and over again but with different wording.

The advantages of spinning articles are as follows: -

  • Every article directory will receive an originally worded article from the writer that no other article directory or blog currently has.
  • The writer has a better chance of ranking well on search engines if they pepper their article with different but relevant keywords for the search engines to pick up.

So how can you spin an article?

  • Manually whereby you do all the processes previously mentioned to create new articles one at a time from your original article.
  • Automatically by using an article spinner program that applies all the processes above. Once set up correctly you can, in about the same time it would take you to create one new article from your original manually, convert your article into literally hundreds of different versions in a few clicks of the mouse.

Some purists hate the use of the latter and you will find plenty of writers lampooning article spinning programs and with good reason. Since the creation of article spinning programs, article directories have suffered an onslaught of articles that are not only badly spun but in some cases are full of plagiarised content. I mean why bother writing your own article when you can pinch an article from someone else and spin it, right? A big fat WRONG!

Look, in reality no article and no story, for that matter, is one hundred percent original. We are all part of this world. We read things, we hear things, we see things and consciously or unconsciously we regurgitate what we have learned and share it in our own unique way. Fair enough. That is okay. What is not okay is to completely steal another writer's work and writing style and try to pass it off as your own by simply replacing a few words and phrases utilising an article spinning program.

I therefore saw a need to share my thoughts on article spinning utilising this controversial method and how, if done correctly, it could enhance your business and web site rankings rather than destroy them.

  1. Make sure you get an article spinning program that you can own outright and have on your computer so you have the ability to mould it to your writing style and add your own personal synonyms. This also avoids yearly fees and any problems associated with internet downtime that is possible with online spinners. I recommend Magic Article Rewriter as it is the only one I have found so far that fits this criteria.
  2. The article you want to spin must be interesting, original and written in your own style. The only way of being completely sure of that is to write it yourself. If you must pay someone to do it, make sure you own all the copyright. This article needs to be created in a document that is saved outside the program. You will always want to have the original somewhere in case things go haywire with your spinner and you want to start again. Do not under any circumstances create your original article in the spinner program.
  3. So now you are ready to start spinning. Before you start replacing every word or phrase you can, I suggest you select headings, sentences and even paragraphs if you like and rewrite several versions of each. This will give you a better spin later on. You can spin your article at any time to see how these different headings, sentences and paragraphs flow together.
  4. Once you have completed step 3 and are happy with your spins, you are now ready to utilise the program’s synonyms and carefully select all that are perfect replacement for the words and phrases in your article. A good spinner will allow you to create your own to add to the synonym database. I suggest doing this whenever possible. You want the program to adopt your personal writing style which will help increase your article spinning speed as time goes on.
  5. Some article spinners come with a feature which will automatically replace some of the words and phrases in your entire document with a variety of synonyms at the click of a mouse. If you choose to use this tool, you need to be wary as not all synonyms will be appropriate. Although applying this process can seem to save you a lot of time, personally I think it is more trouble than it’s worth. It tends to cause an unnatural, stilted spin and by the time you try to fix all the incorrectly applied synonyms (and you always seem to miss one), the time it is supposed to save you is lost. I believe this lazy feature is the number one reason for badly spun articles.
  6. Once you are happy with your spinning efforts, it’s time to spin, spin and spin again and carefully read all versions (I recommend at least ten). Remember if you find any that are stilted and strange, you can be assured others will as well so adjust your synonyms where necessary. You need to ensure each and every version you spin flows along nicely for a comfortable read. Remember to always care about the enjoyment of your readers.
  7. Never ever send two versions of your spun article to the same article directory. Each directory with the appropriate category gets ONE version of your spun article and that’s it. Again, think of your readers. Reading a similar article in another directory if you happen to come across it is one thing but finding one in the same directory is completely unacceptable. If you get lazy and try this on, your second version of this article will probably be rejected anyway and it may even cause your first one to be removed. Even worse, you may get blacklisted. You never know. Don’t mess with the article directories!
  8. Submit either manually your best spun versions of your article one by one to your favourite article directories or to multiple with an article submitter program - I suggest Magical Article Submitter that has built in spin features compatible with your spinner program.

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